There’s an “Uber” gap in auto insurance, is Intact filling it?

uberRidesharing isn’t anything new but the evolution of technology has brought it to the forefront of many hot topics in Ottawa.  Ridesharing is when a driver, using his or her own vehicle, transports a passenger from point A to point B for a fee.  The use of mobile apps has made this practice so convenient it is providing taxi companies with strong competition.

Currently in Ontario, personal auto insurance policies have a gap in their coverage since ridesharing drivers and passengers will not be covered for damages or liabilities while in operation.  At this time there is no additional coverage for personal auto policies; however, that may change sooner rather than later.

Intact Financial Group has announced a cooperative agreement with Uber to deliver such coverage to protect Uber drivers and ultimately their passengers.  Intact is the first company in Canada to support a specific product to cater to this specific gap in Canadian insurance.  They are working directly with Uber to tailor an insurance coverage that should come out to the public as soon as the product is developed, although nothing is guaranteed.

If you are an Uber driver, or are an active participant in ridesharing, it is important to note that right now you may not be fully covered.  We urge you to refrain from these services until the proper protection is in place, however that may not be for very long.

To get more details about your options as an Uber driver or passenger, give us a call (613-236-9101) or email us at


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