Stay on Top of Vehicle Recalls

takataEach year, thousands of vehicles are recalled in Canada by trusted automakers, often due to critical safety issues.  In May of 2015, an estimated 1.95 million vehicles were recalled after a defect was identified in Takata airbags that caused them to over-inflate and discharge shards of metal.  Staying up to date on vehicle recalls like these can help keep you safe on the road and prevent serious or life-threatening injuries.

Transport Canada offers a number of tips that allow you to stay abreast of recalls that could potentially impact your vehicle:

  • Review the Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database, checking to see if your vehicle, child car seat or tires are subject to a recall.  And, because recall notices go back as far as 1970, older vehicles will also benefit from this service.  This database can also be used when purchasing used vehicles.
  • Use your vehicle identification number (VIN) to check the recall status of your vehicle through your auto manufacturer’s website.
  • Get your recalled vehicle repaired as soon as possible.  Often, manufacturers can provide information on where to take your vehicle in order to get an issue corrected.  Manufacturers may also have follow-up instructions for those impacted by a recall.
  • Register your vehicle, child car seat and tires through the manufacturers’ websites in order to promptly receive recall information direct from the source.  Be sure to inform your manufacturer of any changes in your address.

In some cases, certain models, makes and years that fall under a recall are not actually impacted.  This is because manufacturing errors are sometimes corrected in the production process.  In these instances, the words “on certain vehicles” will appear in the Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database listing.  When this happens, you should double-check with your vehicle’s manufacturer to make sure that it is not impacted.

Be sure to report any problems to Transport Canada’s Defect Investigations and Recalls Division if you believe your vehicle may be impacted by a safety issue.  For more information on vehicle recalls, as well as other motor vehicle safety tips, visit Transport Canada’s website.

Photo credit: jo.schz / / CC BY-NC-SA


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