How to [NOT] Drive Safely While Using Your Cellphone


Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.’s writer Adam Dachis posted an article in 2011 with tips on how to use your cell phone safely while driving.  Although many of these tips are valid and practical, there is no safe way to use a cell phone (or any device, really) while operating a moving vehicle.  Study after study proves this.

I would like to bring up a point for people who believe they are safer drivers than average. If you poll the same people who participated in the studies mentioned in Mr. Dachis’ article and asked them to rate themselves on his/her own driving abilities, the average level of driving will miraculously increase. It is proven that more people believe they are above average than the actual number of people who are above average (and not just when it comes to driving): 88% of Americans believe they are safer than the “median” driver.  That means 38% of people who think they are above average are in fact below (or some very self-conscious drivers who believe they are terrible drivers but are not).

Now if 88% of people believe they are safer drivers than average, thus considering themselves safe drivers, that means 88% believe they are more capable to drive with distractions than the average driver (ie. talking on cell phone). Leaving only 12% of people who feel they are not safe drivers and (hopefully) will limit distractions while driving.

My point is, just because you believe you are a safe driver does not necessarily mean you are more capable of handling distractions while operating a moving vehicle.  Not even in a drive-thru at Tim Hortons.

PS: Someone mentioned in the comments section below the article that they talk on their phone while driving because driving is boring. My response to you, take OC Transpo.


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