“Insurance Personal Shopping”: Be confident in your style!

4681598534_018714ce09_oA personal shopper in the traditional sense is a liaison between you and your closet.  They match trends in the marketplace, find the best fit for you, and develop an overall experience catered to your individuality.

Now doesn’t that sound remarkably familiar to what a broker provides for insurance products?  Replace clothing and accessories with insurance and what you get is an “Insurance Personal Shopper”.

As an insurance broker, Scrivens Insurance and Investment Solutions appreciates that personalized service is key to providing you with the best tools to “dress yourself”.  As unique as your style, an Insurance Personal Shopper offers specialized knowledge, personalized attention, and quality service therefore creating an insurance solution as individual as your style.

As trends change over the years and your tastes evolve (from hipster to business professional, for example) so do your insurance priorities.  Whether it’s buying your first car or home, our dedicated team learns what matters most to you.  We guarantee that you are getting the best coverage to fit your needs no matter your life stage or circumstance.

The best thing about Insurance Personal Shoppers like Scrivens is that we are compensated by insurance companies so our expert service is available at no cost to you.  Simply pay for your “wardrobe”!

Insurance brokers have access to all the hot “labels” in the insurance industry and in order to find the best fit for you, we use our professional experience to find the appropriate brands that offers the style you’re going for.  Instead of rummaging through the racks of all the different brands to find your perfect style, let us do the shopping for you!


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