Spring Maintenance Checklist

spring flowerAs Spring tries to make its way into Ottawa, preventive measures and general maintenance tasks can help prepare your home for the rest of the year. This is especially important, as winters have been known to wreak havoc in homes, and a spring checklist can help ensure that potential issues are addressed. In general, the following items inside and outside your home should be included in your general maintenance overview:

Inside your home

  1. Have your air conditioning system inspected by a professional.
  2. Inspect water entry points for leaks (a day like today is a great time to check).
  3. If you haven’t done so already, change the batteries in smoke detectors and CO detectors.
  4. Replace your fire extinguishers.

Outside your home

  1. Inspect your roof and gutters for blockage or damage caused by wintery conditions.
  2. As trees begin to regrow their leaves, you’ll want to be sure they are properly trimmed and away from utility wires.
  3. Ensure your sidewalk and driveway are smooth by repairing cracks or uneven surfaces.

For more helpful checklists, contact Scrivens Insurance and Investment Solutions today.


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