How much does an injury really cost?

The upcoming changes to auto insurance in Ontario may be leaving drivers without adequate coverage. Policies are changing and its up to you to make an informed decision about what coverage options are best for you and your family.

To make these informed decisions, we are here to help! You should understand how much injuries can cost in the event of a car accident. This table below can be used as an approximate guideline when selecting optional insurance coverage:

Health Care Profession or Provider Maximum Hourly Rate except catastrophic impairments Maximum Hourly Rate catastrophic impairments*
Chiropractors $112.81 $135.36
Massage Therapists $58.19 $89.07
Occupational Therapists $99.75 $119.92
Physiotherapists $99.75 $119.92
Podiatrists $99.75 $119.92
Psychologists and Psychological Associates $149.61 $179.29
Speech Language Pathologists $112.22 $134.17
Kinesiologists $58.19 $89.07
Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Nurse Practitioners $58.19 $89.07
Unregulated Providers
Case Managers $58.19 $89.07
Family Counselors $58.19 $89.07
Psychometrists $58.19 $89.07
Rehabilitation Counselors $58.19 $89.07
Vocational Counselors $58.19 $89.07

There are generally four injury scenarios resulting from a car accident: no injury, minor injury, serious injury, or catastrophic injury.

No Injury

Probability: 46%

This is the most common accident by far in Ontario and is typically the usual “fender bender” whereby no injuries result.

Examples of Costs:

  • Vehicle repairs
  • Rental car (not an automatic inclusion in most policies)
  • Contents from your vehicle

Minor Injury

Probability: 28%

Examples of minor injuries include sprains or whiplash. Medical and rehabilitation benefits for minor injuries are limited to $3,500 regardless of the coverage level.

Examples of Costs:

  • Ambulance Fees (45 – $200)
  • Short-term physiotherapy ($2,200 – 3,500) and could include physiotherapy, acupuncture, or chiropractor
  • Doctor’s fees not covered by OHIP ($82 – 200)

Serious Injury

Probability: 22%

Examples of serious injuries include broken bones or severe sprains. These injuries could disrupt your life and require a longer period of recovery.

Examples of Costs:

  • Medical assessments ($2,000)
  • Examinations ($1,500 average)
  • Physiotherapy costs ($3,000 – 4,500 every 60 days)
  • Drug prescriptions ($25 – 100 per month)
  • Mobility devices (thousands of dollars and need to replaced/repaired)
  • Care for your dependants (children or elderly parents)
  • Training for your career (ie. vocational specialist or occupational therapist)

Catastrophic Injury

Probability: <5%

Loss of a limb or paraplegia are examples of catastrophic injuries. A catastrophic injury results in increased benefits. This is the most serious and unfortunate type of injury, resulting in long term or permanent disability. Although rare, the potentially overwhelming costs of this type of injury is why most of us buy insurance in the first place. The costs of helping you reintegrate back into society after this type of injury are much larger in scale and may be ongoing for the remainder of your life.

Examples of Costs:

  • The costs outlined under “serious injury” continue over the course of a lifetime
  • 24/7 attendant care ($6,000 per month)
  • Modifications to your home
This information is for general information purposes only and subject to change at any time without notice. This has been designed as a learning tool. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your discretion. Source: IBAO

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