Snow Blower Safety

Ottawa and the surrounding area is expected to get hit with more snow and we are going to have to bring out our snow blowers one more time (at least) this year. During times of heavy snowfall, snow blowers are essential for a quick and easy snow removal.

But, because snow blowers are heavy pieces of machinery outfitted with dangerous blades, they need to be treated with respect.

Most snow blower injuries – which often include severe cuts, broker bones or amputation – occur when the operator tries to dislodge debris or clogs. Thankfully, these serious injuries are easily avoidable when the proper safety etiquette is followed.

For example, you should never clear clogs with your hands or other limbs, instead, use a solid object like a stick while the machine is turned off.

In addition, take care not to run over debris while using your snow blower, as it can become a dangerous projectile when flung from a snow blower’s exhaust chute.

Combining the above safety tips with attentive operation is the key to safe and effective snow removal.

For added safety, check that your snow blower is approved by the Canadian Standards Association.

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